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    The founder of Knox, Geoff Travell, started the business back in 1981 after making the first back protector for himself and fellow racers. Knox continues to make protective body armour that offers those riding on track or road the best performance. This part of the business is still an important focus for the brand. This is, of course, in addition to designing new innovative protective apparel for the modern rider. So regardless of what and where your customers ride, Knox has got you covered.

    Back protection options include the Aegis Back protector, the Micro-Lock Air Back Protector MK2 as well as the Track Vest MK3. In the Action Pro Trousers and the Action Pro Shorts, both armoured shorts and long trousers are covered, while limb protection comes courtesy of Action Pro Knee guards and Action Pro Elbow guards. Chest protection is gender specific with both men’s and women’s Micro-Lock upgrade chest protectors to fit strap on back protectors as well as to fit armoured shirts. All are available as aftermarket upgrades to existing body armour. Micro-Lock protectors offer a snug, soft fit to the wearer but locks in the case of an impact and absorbs a significant amount of energy before it gets to the wearers’ limbs .