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    Armoured Shirts

    Knox has been making armoured shirts since the 1990s and they are the perfect protective garment for riders. It means armour is worn close and held comfortably in place so it’s there when you need it, rather than being able to move around in a loose-fitting jacket.
    Innovation and development of this signature garment mean that there is now an armoured shirt to suit every rider, every type of riding condition, and every climate.

    Every armoured shirt in the Knox collection is CE-approved for road use and is strong enough to be worn on its own, with no jacket required.

    Every rider needs a Knox armoured shirt in the heat for breathable protection and when the weather turns cool and inclement, add a Knox warm or waterproof layer, engineered to work seamlessly with every armoured shirt. It’s the perfect system and means the garment can be worn in every season.

    The latest armoured shirt collection builds on the global success of the Urbane Pro, adding in even more choice and performance levels for every type of rider and conditions.